73. on your tv right now.

DiCaprio Double
The Aviator/Gangs of New York

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I found this in a german magazine - it was a special about clocks.

Kate & Leo Pic

Found this on tumblr and in my 13 years of Titanic obsession i've never seen this pic before so just thought i'd share:
Source: coeurdelamer @ tumblr.

066. what if this was a legitimate threat? think about it.

Not a photo today but a vid. Or 4 minutes 33 seconds of why Leo deserves an Oscar.

Anyone can shout or cry onscreen but when he goes for it, you're emotionally engaged.

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My favorite part is the very end, from The Departed.

065. i'm back to claim pole position, holla at ya boy

unrelated to the pic (his eyes though! his eyes),
I'm very excited about J Edgar casting - Armie Hammer and Ed Westwick!

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To brighten up the cold and dark november...